Pay Down Mortgage or Invest More?

Is it better to pay down your mortgage or invest more? I tend to go back and forth about this – I don’t like having a mortgage but I do like having an increasing dividend stream. And in a crisis, my investment portfolio can be sold but the equity from paying down my mortgage is harder […]

How Many Stocks Should I Own?

What is the right number of stocks to own in order to be diversified? Is it 5, 10 or 50? There are many theories on this subject and each investor should take into consideration their individual situation. This article will explore some of the main points that one should consider when deciding how many stocks […]

Six Ways to Lower Insurance Costs

Insurance is for many of us a necessary expense. Most states mandate minimum amounts of coverage, and many creditors require you to buy insurance to offset any loss should something happen to your assets. As we all know one of the biggest expenses behind your car payment and home loans is often your insurance. But […]

Seven Biggest Investing Mistakes

Are you guilty of making investing mistakes?  Most of us are, so don’t feel bad.  The best thing you can do is read up on common investment mistakes so that you can try to avoid them in the future.  After all, sometimes the best investment philosophy is just the one with the least amount of […]

Who Really Owns Your Mortgage and Why?

There is a good chance that the mortgage on your home is not actually owned by the bank that you make your monthly payments to. Over the last several years you have probably heard the term mortgage-backed security (MBS) in the news.  Basically, a MBS is where lenders sell peoples’ mortgages to investment banks and […]

Tips to Make Budgeting Work

The goal of budgeting should be to help you achieve your financial goals. A budget is nothing more than a plan for how you will manage your income and expenses. While the thought of budgeting sounds tedious to many people, budgeting doesn’t necessarily have to be complex or time-consuming. Choose a budgeting method that you […]

Inflation and You

I was reading my local newspaper this weekend and the headline was about a 10% hike in the water rates this year. Which made my brain cell stop and think, “Say what? Isn’t inflation under 2%“? In turn that made me question if the standard inflation numbers are even important to begin with. I decided […]

The Best Free Stock Picking Services

Investing in stocks may seem as easy as buying assets from companies that gain value, create income, or both. However, in reality, making such clever moves is pretty hard, especially with the massive amount of stocks to sift through. Luckily, with the help of an excellent stock picking service, you can overcome that challenge by […]