How Your Credit Score Affects Your Money

You have probably noticed when you look at your banks advertised loan rates in fine print are the words “as low as.” This probably leaves you wondering what rate you would get and how that rate is determined. Lenders set individual interest rates on loans using what’s called “risk based lending.” Financial institutions set a […]

4 Reasons to Always Keep Some Cash

Time to talk about one of the mostly highly contested views in personal finance – whether you should keep money in cash or invest it! There are some blogs and resources out there that talk about keeping as little cash as possible since bank interest rates are low and your money’s buying power is lowly […]

Pay Down Mortgage or Invest More?

Is it better to pay down your mortgage or invest more? I tend to go back and forth about this – I don’t like having a mortgage but I do like having an increasing dividend stream. And in a crisis, my investment portfolio can be sold but the equity from paying down my mortgage is harder […]

How to choose the right bank?

The recent controversy surrounding Britain’s banks seems to have made people a bit pickier when it comes to choosing their banks. Recent research has shown a huge increase in the amount of Brits hoping to change banks, whilst the reputation of some major high-street lenders has certainly been called into question. Banking customers who have […]