4 Reasons to Always Keep Some Cash

Time to talk about one of the mostly highly contested views in personal finance – whether you should keep money in cash or invest it! There are some blogs and resources out there that talk about keeping as little cash as possible since bank interest rates are low and your money’s buying power is lowly […]

How to choose the right bank?

The recent controversy surrounding Britain’s banks seems to have made people a bit pickier when it comes to choosing their banks. Recent research has shown a huge increase in the amount of Brits hoping to change banks, whilst the reputation of some major high-street lenders has certainly been called into question. Banking customers who have […]

How Many Stocks Should I Own?

What is the right number of stocks to own in order to be diversified? Is it 5, 10 or 50? There are many theories on this subject and each investor should take into consideration their individual situation. This article will explore some of the main points that one should consider when deciding how many stocks […]

Six Ways to Lower Insurance Costs

Insurance is for many of us a necessary expense. Most states mandate minimum amounts of coverage, and many creditors require you to buy insurance to offset any loss should something happen to your assets. As we all know one of the biggest expenses behind your car payment and home loans is often your insurance. But […]

Who Needs Gap Insurance?

GAP (Guaranteed Auto Protection) Insurance is an added insurance for your vehicle. While your regular auto insurance may pay for costs to get your car repaired or replaced in the event it is damaged, your regular auto insurance will not protect you if you are upside down on your car loan (you owe more on […]

Finding the Right Withdrawal Rate

Like all investors, persons who are living off of their retirement savings need a blueprint to construct a successful portfolio. But the blueprint that works for the classic investor who is saving for retirement won’t work for those who are living off of their retirement savings. That’s because the goals of these two types of […]