Buying Stocks – A Beginners Guide

Stock trading might seem complicated to the uninitiated, but it’s really not that hard to understand. Today, we’ll take you through the process of becoming a bona fide part owner of a business step by step. Opening a Brokerage Account   Opening a brokerage account is quite a straightforward process. It’s quite similar to setting […]

When is it a Good Time to Invest?

Beginners in the stock market believe that the timing of their purchases is relevant. Sure, starting at the wrong point might leave you with a big loss at the very beginning of your trading career. But, there are more important things you need to pay attention to.   You know, when you first invest, the […]

Value Investing: Factors to Consider

The main idea behind value investing is fairly straightforward. When the market lowers the stock price for one company, an investor would see this as an opportunity to make a profit. However, he only assumes that there will be a correction in the valuation soon.   Why are there contradictions? Value investing has a contradictory […]

Automate Your Finance

You’ve probably forgotten to pay a bill or two on time numerous occasions in your life.  Avoiding this mundane mistake is easier than you think. Let’s face facts.  You’re a human being who is prone to forgetfulness and making mistakes.  Financial speaking, you can avoid the latter and former by simply automating everything. The utmost important […]

5 Reasons Why the Poor Get Poorer

It is no secret that the average poor and middle class North American family have not fared very well financially over the last 30 years.  Do you ever wonder why is this?? Why has the average “poor” person not excelled within the last 30 years??  I include the middle class in the “poor” category since they usually hold […]