Tips to Make Budgeting Work

The goal of budgeting should be to help you achieve your financial goals. A budget is nothing more than a plan for how you will manage your income and expenses. While the thought of budgeting sounds tedious to many people, budgeting doesn’t necessarily have to be complex or time-consuming. Choose a budgeting method that you […]

Inflation and You

I was reading my local newspaper this weekend and the headline was about a 10% hike in the water rates this year. Which made my brain cell stop and think, “Say what? Isn’t inflation under 2%“? In turn that made me question if the standard inflation numbers are even important to begin with. I decided […]

Reclaiming PPI- the first steps

I received this excellent guest post that will be helpful to readers in the UK: Every year, thousands of UK citizens are mis-sold insurance. For insurance companies selling PPI, mis-sold policy claims are common. In the event of you receiving a notification of some sort about being mis-sold PPI, you need to know what this […]

The Best Free Stock Picking Services

Investing in stocks may seem as easy as buying assets from companies that gain value, create income, or both. However, in reality, making such clever moves is pretty hard, especially with the massive amount of stocks to sift through. Luckily, with the help of an excellent stock picking service, you can overcome that challenge by […]

Financial Investment In Precious Metals

There are people out there that dislike gold. They think it’s overrated, that everyone wants to have it, and naturally, we can understand that. After all, gold is everywhere – necklaces, statues, bracelets, lockets, music boxes, even food. And gold isn’t just everyWHERE, it’s also everyWHEN. Cultures as old and as distant as Sumerians, Ancient […]