10 Important Things to Do While You are in University

For most people, University will be one of best experience in their life. Because there is so many things to do in University, we sometimes lose focus on many important things that is beneficial to us. Here are 10 things that you should do while you are in University:

1. Build up your resume

The purpose of studying in University is to get a good job and to secure your future. Hence, you should always find ways to build up your resume as it will be vital once you start applying for job. Major firms are always looking out to hire people who have built up a good resume for themselves. So how do you build up your resumes? I will discuss a few ways in the next few points.

2. Seek out for internship

During my first two years in University, I never thought of finding an internship as I always tell myself that I still have time. But I was dead wrong. Towards the end of my second year, I was frantically searching for an internship but i could not find any due to the huge amount of applications. It was probably one of my greatest regret in my University life and hence I hope that you will not make the same mistakes as i did. There are a few reasons as to why you should seek out for internship early. Firstly, it gives you a rough idea of what you will be experiencing when you graduate. Most often, what you study in University has little application in the real world. An internship would let you have a better understanding of what it is like in the business world. Secondly, you can earn some money while doing an internship. Sure usually an internship will not pay as much as a part time job, you will still earn money while doing an internship. Yet experience you get from completing an internship would be much more enriching. Lastly and most importantly, an internship will build up your network and who knows, they may become your future employer.

University student

3. Build up your network

Apart from internship, it is also very important to build up your network. Imagine that you have just started a business and you want to market a product. No marketing is better than word-of-mouth marketing. Having a big network of friends can help you raise awareness of something much quicker than any marketing campaign can. Also, going to networking events may potentially land you a job in the future.

4. Get involved in your school clubs

Other than experience, many firms out there are also actively seeking out for student leaders. Hence it is important that you get involved in activities that are outside your curriculum such as your school’s clubs and societies. If possible, try and run for leadership position that would build up your character as well as your resume.

5. Take part in volunteering

Other than school clubs, you should also look to actively take part in volunteering work. Be it volunteering for your school or for an organisation, it certainly helps you to build up your network and gain some experience. It also improves your communication skills which will help you out in future job interviews. On top of it, it makes you feel great and builds up your resumes which is a win-win situation.

6. Get a job 

This tip is for students who may find that they have extra time on their hands. A well-planned timetable can usually give you some extra time to spare. Instead of wasting your time away scrolling Facebook or watching your YouTube videos, try and get a casual job that can fit into your timetable. The reasons are obvious here; getting a job means you will earn some extra cash to fund your next trip or to just save up for your future.

7. Start a blog

Once again, should you find yourself having some spare time, you can choose to spend this time by starting a blog. They is a huge amount of reasons of why you should start a blog, but I will discuss this in another article. One of the most important reason why you should start a blog is that you will learn how to run a website. As we progress into the digital age, this is a skill that will potentially make you stand out among your peers.

8. Start investing

For those with extra money sitting in their bank and earn a measly 2% on your deposit , why not invest the money to make a little more money? Today, there are so many financial products available even for small investors that you can use your money to earn you a passive income. However, there is always a risk when it comes to investing and do make sure to do ample research before you start investing. Also, DO NOT invest all your savings away as you might risk losing it all. In my future post, I will be trying out some platforms that are available online and reviewing it. So if you are interested in investing, do follow me from time to time.

9. Set attainable goals for yourself

As Benjamin Fraklin once said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”. As University life will get busy at some point, always set out attainable goals for yourself and constantly review them. Try setting out a long term goal and then some short term goals that would help you meet the longer term one. This allows you to see your progress and keeps you motivated to continue moving forward.

10. Enjoy yourself!

Lastly and most importantly, go out occasionally and enjoy yourself. University is the time where you will have a lot of free times especially during the breaks, so why not spend some time to go travel as you may not have the time to do it once your career start.